Nurture your Spirit
Now more then ever before, we can all transform our life by listening to the wisdom and nurturing  of our Heart center. We have the opportunity to raise our vibration and consciousness with Love
With Sherri, you will experience empowerment, relaxation, rejuvenation and re-balance of your Mind, Body and Spirit one soul at time. So many people are in having challenges with pain, emotionally and physically and we know and understand the language of touch. We can self-heal if the body-mind connection is there.
"The healing transpires where the energy is needed."

 HOLISTIC HEALING MODALITIES INCLUDE: Healing Touch Therapy/ Reiki,  Ayurveda Face Massage (Natural Face lift),  Emotional Freedom Technique, Chakra balancing, Aura Cacia Chakra Essential Oil's, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Meditation, and Crystal Gemstone Healing.

Sherri design's Handcrafted Healing Gemstone Jewelry in tune with the Magical colors of the "Grand
Canyon" and the magical southwest.  My love for the Southwest is revealed in my Gemstone choices and southwestern design. These Gemstone's are unique in their properties and create healing and tranquility long after your energy treatment session .


"There is an unchanging spark from the Creator in each of us, our highest self, a piece of God. And we are all connected." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 

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