Canyon Jewelry and Art


Treat your Body, Mind and Spirit to Canyonviewjewelry’s Handcrafted Gemstone Design’s brought to us from the Heavens, in tune with the colors of the “Grand Canyon” personally for you! 
We specialize in designs to balance your Chakra’s or Energy centers creating personal well-being for you.
 Healing, handcrafted Gemstone Pendants, Bracelets and Necklaces from Canyonviewjewelry to amplify your vibration facilitating the balance of your physical and emotional well-being.  The array of Gemstones used in the Canyonviewjewelry collection benefits certain imbalances and decreased energy flow in our chakra system.  These beautiful Gemstones are energized with Reiki and Sage. There is an interactive makeup between Gemstones and our energetic makeup.

To Activate your Jewelry

  • Place the jewelry outside under the sun or the moon for four hours
  • Place the jewelry on the soil or the branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours
  • Steadily hold the jewelry in the smoke of a burning sage stick 
  • Lay the jewelry on a quartz crystal for at least 6 hours
  • Cleanse and activate your jewelry often
Your order will be shipped in a gift box with a personalized gift card attached.
Custom wedding and special occasion orders available also.
 Just E-mail me an image of your desired jewelry design.

"Wishing you miracles in your life and starlight in your soul"

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