I am blessed to experience a Mahatma Reiki session I was looking forward to experiencing this different, grounding energy. I definitely got what I needed and then some. The positive affirmations and Sandalwood essential oil added a brilliant, unexpected layer to the session. I am more clear and grounded and I am moving forward with my dreams. Sherri, you are loving and compassionate and that comes through in your work. You are a gifted healer and I thank you for offering the work that you do. You have helped me tremendously and I am grateful. I am looking forward to having another session soon.  ~ Christine Salter, Spiritual Psychic Medium, Teacher, Massage Therapist – Phoenix, Arizona~
I just wanted to say thank you for the personalized “Dog Jewelry” you made for me. They all look so nice and I really appreciate it. I love the choice of gemstones that you choose. My dog’s enjoy the necklaces so much. I lay them on the window sill in the moonlight at night and in the morning, they get so excited to wear them, that they just about put them on by themselves.  Susie Herrema, Etsy Customer~

I was so relaxed and rejuninated after my Advanced Mahatma Reiki treatment today-It is the best I have felt in quite awhile!
“Thank you so much Sherri Mills-Anderson”  Ricci Saliba, LMT, Hypnotherapist – Prescott, Arizona~
I experienced my first Indian Head Massage the other day and was so amazed by the results. I was so relaxed and for the first time in years, my scalp was not tense. This was the best treatment I could give myself and am looking forward to having one every month. Sherri is an amazing woman with amazing energy and I feel very blessed to have met her!!  ~ Michelle Lee Burton, LAc, Rock Star Acupuncture – Phoenix, Arizona~
WOW !!!! Thank you so much Sherri Mills-Anderson-I experienced the most beautiful  healing treatment from you yesterday. You are an amazing Reiki Energy Healer. "Sherri is a Intuitive Healer.  She can sense with her hands and whole being what is out of balance in the body.  I highly recommend her. 
Marie Fritz-Licensed Massage Therapist-Cranial Sacral Therapist-Sedona, Arizona

Thank you Sherri for the most wonderful facial and energy treatment.... I feel so aligned
 clear, lighter, and my skin feels amazing! My bracelet is beautiful- thank you so much for your gift of positive energy and love!
Kim Richardson, Coach, Speaker, Author Payson, Arizona
 Feeling wonderful today! Thank you so much for the Reiki and Chakra Balancing.  I love my bracelet and necklace You are a blessing to Rim Country.  Sandra Elsberry, Payson, Arizona
I had the most amazing facial ++ two days ago! Not only does my skin... look and feel ages younger, Sherri Mills-Anderson is a healer. Her intention is behind every touch, every conversation, and every product has been blessed. Her therapy room is warm and inviting here in our little Pine community. Do gift yourself and your friends this holiday season.
Di Bustamante, Birthing Hypnotherapist. Pine, Arizona.

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