Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turquoise is par excellence for spiritual attunement, healing emotions and balancing the auric bodies. It is great for relieving and dissipating sadness or grief.
There is an uplifting quality as well as a calming quality to Turquoise.
The Navajo and Hopi in Arizona value Turquoise as an attractor of prosperity and fertility of the soil. It is used all over as a great protector and provides strength during vision quests.
Because Turquoise is so effective on the etheric planes and because healing first takes place at the etheric levels. From headaches to repairing physical damage to the body, Turquoise works to reduce disease and disorders. In ancient times, it was used for eye problems, especially cataracts. Due to the copper content it is powerful for arthritis and rheumatism.  
Turquoise can be used to increase circulation to the muscles for torn ligaments or tendons. Whenever stress builds toxins in the muscles or there is a lack of oxygen, Turquoise can be useful.  

It is useful to note that blue Turquoise works with the throat chakra and lungs. Turquoise contains a high amount of phosphorus which is used in Homeopathy for lung problems. Even the ancients advised Turquoise for lung and breathing difficulties.
In addition to being the Master Healer, Turquoise is treasured as a powerful success and good luck stone.
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Sherri Mills-Anderson, Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry Designer

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