Ayurveda Natural Facelift and Massage

This rejuvenating and relaxing energy and skincare treatment utilizes a special Ayurveda tool that relaxes the structures of the face and diminishes fine lines and eases tension.
Kansyam Buddhivardhakam is a Sanskrit saying which means, "Kansa sharpens our intellect."
Kansa is a special metal alloy used in Ayurveda practices because of its healing properties; it is sometimes referred to as "the healing metal."
The Kansa Wand is a unique brass tool with a rosewood handle that balances and clears subtle energy, enlivens tired body tissue, relieves tension, reduces acid in the body and opens and balances the Chakras.
  Our Kansa Wand Face Treatment is 50 minute session and utilizes a specially-blended face oil, and the smooth, repetitive motion of the Kansa Wand

    Encourages deep relaxation (clients can't keep their eyes open during this session)
    Clears and amplifies subtle energy in the face, head and chakras.
  • Revitalizes tired facial tissue.
  • Eases tension.
    Reduces acid in the body.

    This treatment includes massage of neck, head, shoulders, arms and hands.
    The finishing touch is a purifying, balancing, rejuvenating and organic earth-friendly mask.

    50 min. $45.00

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